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Battle of the titans

Today I had the thought that I would take thing a little slower, wait a little bit before easing into worse and worse foods, and in short take a break. Cowles and Quad really do go head to head as I truly find, the best of the worst. I would like to point out that this is my most expensive meal yet, weighing in at a hefty $8.25. That was due to a small oversight on my part, but to truly compare the cooking available at both of these fine establishments, I went to both on the same night, being sure to eat the same things, and limiting myself to the prepared food.

The first item I at was at Cowles and went by the name Tofu Broccoli Walnut Stir-Fry. To begin with, I take exception to that name. Too many main ingredients. Perhaps Tofu in brown sauce or Tofu and broccoli with walnuts. I think that they ought to put me in charge of naming these things, that way instead of premio pizzas we'd have something super cool, like, Ultra premio knock your socks off personal pizzas. Yeah, I think that's the way to do it.

The review? Right, well, it was salty, and it had tofu, and broccoli, and walnuts, and some brown sauce. I did see some green onions in there though. Quad gets a few points for having a little more flavor to it. I could pick out some savory herbs, perhaps thyme, but that just made me ask myself, what the hell is thyme doing in stir-fry?

To accompany that delightful scoop of nutrition I had Egg Noodles and Green Bean Casserole. The egg noodles at Cowles were soggy at best, but those at Quad were a little more al dente, if I can use such a bourgeois cook term in relation to cafeteria food.

The Green Bean Casserole, or Super Shredded Ninja Turtle with Ultra Rad Bake Sauce, as I like to refer to it, was again salty at Cowles and reminiscent of green beans at Quad. I lean towords Cowles on this delectable however, because it had a much more appealing crunchy top, and it was more in line with the traditional casserole or hot dish, as it's called in Minnesotan. The Quad version was a consistent soggy, with highlights of green beans shining through the classic cream of mushroom soup base, where Cowles had a much more consistent product that lulled the unsuspecting homesick student into thinking that it was the church potluck all over again, and that wonderful cottage cheese jello salad was just around the corner.

Strangely enough, that classic dish of yesteryear was indeed just around the proverbial corner as those in power would have us believe, although with a slight twist. It's not really jello and cottage cheese, it's jello and cool-whip. I did indeed eat some of this, and live to tell about it, and let me tell you, it's not all bad. I'm not sure what kind of process this stuff goes through, they must have a chem major slaving in the back, but it was certainly on par with everything else I'd eaten.

Jello in hand we come to the question of who came out on top. Here's what we have so far. Things at Cowles were saltier as a whole, the pasta at Quad was a little better, but the casserole at Cowles was a little better. With nothing better to do, I list the gripes and little differences that they had. Quad had different vegetables, Cowles had pecan pie, Quad ran out, Cowles had those Super Cool mini football like personal loaves of k-rad bread and Quad had some rolls that I'm not fond of. Somehow, I wasn't looking for the jello at Cowles. Who wins you ask? Whoever names me as the official namer.

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