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A random email, from my father

Re: A few other things
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 22:04:02 EDT
From: <my dad>
To: <me>


I'll try to catch up with sever al things here. I did look into your pictures and have found the ones I think you want with the car vings and paintings. I'll get those off to you. I didn't look too hard for equipment, but the closet only has one broken stick.

Does that collarbone give you an 'injun shoulder? Always creepi ng up on you? Did you catch Prairie Home Companion by the way? They had their joke showon last Sat urday. Lots of jokes from the dumb to clever. Like, why does the blind man have one yellow leg? H is dog is blind too. How do they circumcise a whale? The send down four skin divers .... What do you get when you drop a piano down a mineshaft? A-flat minor. And it goes on from there. Their web site might have them.

Too bad about the bike. I don't imagine the dent is a big deal, but it might compromise frame strength if it was too deep or in the wrong place. I picked up an issue of Bicycling to look at ads and web sites for bike parts since I thought Coopers here in Stillwater di dn't have much selection. Actually I couldn't find too much in the magazine either when all was sai d and done. Some places with high end stuff, and new avant garde but not many just plain bicycle plac es. Probably the best part was the inside back cover with responses to What was your best moment on bike? Among the answers were,Three am. I'm naked. Cop says, 'That ain't your bike, so n.' The moments leading up to that must have been my best. Or. When I was four, mybrother and I snuck downstairs at 4 am Christmas morning. We jumped on our new training-wheeled bikes and t hrashed the tree, three shelves of PreciousMoments and my brother's wrist in a roll-over. I still try to replicate that combustion of energy and carnage. Keep me posted on the bike stuff. If i t doesn't sound right, email and we'll talk about alternatives.

Re: taxes. Is that $420 the revised year 2000? Sounds about right for that, too high for 2001 (due soon).

My suggestions for the resume:
Grinnell College - say expected graduation 2004
SHS - also say graduated 200 0. You didn't quit before graduating.
User Consultant - say 8-27-01 to present. Same on Webmast er
SMU - say TAG Program, Southern Methodist ... The sentence below will clarify what that is oka y. I'd also change the order putting the organization line before role model. Lead with your clear est skills and experience and use active verbs as in, Organized events, monitored activities, fac ilitated good group dynamics.
Web Design - put REN in all caps. Run spell check (reorganize)
Online Support - same strong active word issue. Solved customer problems...
Mentor - same date note, tell them you're still doing it, you didn't just forget when you quit.

Love, Jan

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